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eNewsletter March 2010

The days are rapidly getting longer, but despite the fact that the change of seasons has been announced, we still have a very thick layer of snow here at Europe’s northernmost tip. At the end of May until the beginning of August the sun will rise and shine uninterruptedly for 24 hours a day ...

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eNewsletter February 2010
Our heating failed during the night due to a lack of power in our small second battery and the temperature inside our 1987 camper (called “Boksie” which means “little box” in Afrikaans) dropped to below zero degrees Celsius. After scratching a 3 mm thick ice sheet from the inside of our windscreen, we noticed how two Russian truckers heat up their diesel tank by placing a heavy duty gas blow torch a few centimeters away from the metal housing. They seemed relaxed about their action as they left the blow torch burning underneath the truck and slipped into the small restaurant for a cup of coffee. Ruan turned the key in the ignition ... nothing happened ... “Damn this! The same thing as yesterday!”
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eNewsletter January 2010
We are staring into the screen of our laptop, fingers on the keyboard and we know that the time has come to fill you in on what's going on. With tears in our eyes and our hearts as heavy as lead we believe it to be our duty to let you know that we  are still stuck in Switzerland ... EXPEDITION CHARGE ACROSS EUROPE has come to a sudden and very unexpected end ... Read More