We just had Christmas! (Dec. 2007 - Jan. 2008)
Tuesday the 8th was our Christmas … about 10 times! Back in October we visited a sports shop and put together our “wishlist” from their sortiment ... what an incredible feeling it was when the biggest sports chain in Switzerland, “Ochsner Sport”, personally dropped off that complete list of equipment at our apartment…
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July till September part 3 of 3
September 07:
In the weeks that we were busy working on the Rolex Award, we realised that that was no ordinary questionnaire. We had to write something like a complete business plan … and all of this in less than a month’s time! Normally I’d give myself about a year to do something like this … but we did not have that amount of time available – we saw the advert way too late!
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July till September part 2 of 3
What caught my eye was this picture with ice cold blue tones taken somewhere in the Arctic. Two people on touring skis, alone in a desert of ice underneath a dark cloudy sky with the burning red sky of the early evening immediately touched me. Daydreaming about the Northern extreme … Ruan and me also equipped with skis, alone in nature, silence, where time stands still … With a warm feeling in my heart and a sparkle in my eye I glanced down the page to read the text …
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July till September part 1 of 3
There is so much to tell you … the last 4 months simply flew past and every day seemed to be over just after sunrise! We’ll split this newsletter up in three parts and send it off to you with a few days in between … otherwise it would be way too much to read in one go... Read More
Slowly but surely those first steps getting closer! (1 July 2007)
A few days ago at the pub we told this American guy about our planned expedition. He showed interest (he’s a teacher for children with disabilities) and without further ado, he stuffed … Read More
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (5 May 2007)

Time for some more news!  By the way if you missed the previous (the first) diary letter, see "A Mountain Of Work" below.  Please add a comment to our GUESTBOOK, and let us know if we should keep you up to date with our preparation and the expedition itself by clicking on YES at our CONTACT page

Sitting in front of the laptop, gulping down a bowl of spaghetti while writing this newsletter, it's always great to share some good news ...

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A mountain of work (16 April 2007)
We are currently busy with our preparation phase for the "BIG WALK" starting in March 2008! Even though everything currently feels equally important to plan and organise we're trying to focus on getting the right things done at the right time - strange as it may seem, we can really feel the time pressure on us to get  everything done before we leave ... Read More